Mumbai FF Result Result Today

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पहली बाजी(1)
09:10 am
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दूसरी बाजी(2)
10:10 am
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तीसरी बाजी(3)
11:10 am
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चौथी बाजी(4)
12:10 pm
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पाँचवी बाजी(5)
01:10 pm
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छठवी बाजी(6)
02:10 pm
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सतावी बाजी(7)
03:10 pm
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आठवी बाजी(8)
04:10 pm
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Betting Is Open
नौवी बाजी(9)
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दसवी बाजी(10)
06:10 pm
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गरहवी बाजी (11)
07:10 pm
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बरहवी बाजी(12)
08:10 pm
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Mumbai Fatafat Result Today live update with us, If you are checking the result of today’s Bazi that you are involved in, you can find all the results update fast here. We are providing the result update here Bazi wise is declaring it. the result will be 100% true, there is no official website for Mumbai Fatafat Result we are collecting data from the market and publishing it on this page.

Fast result of Bombay Fatafat(FF)

Mumbai fatafat (FF) fast result update, get all Bazi fast update here, keep refreshing the page when you are checking result on this page, sometimes result will not update here due to your slow network speed.

Mumbai Fatafat (FF) Result Details

Name of the GameBombay Fatafat Lottery
Then, the Name of the ArticleBombay Fatafat Result 2022
Price of Lottery TicketRs 7
Category of ArticleResult
Prize money from Lottery GameRs 1 Crore
Total Bazzi in the game10
City nameBombay


What is the Mumbai Fatafat (FF) Result?

Mumbai Fatafat (FF) Result or Bombay FF is a kind of buying tickets system and users play with a small amount on their favorite number. If the next number came that you predicted before the Bazi you win the game. This is happening with an inside organization in a systematic way. thus we are here to provide all results on your mobile at your location.

Whats is the Timing of Mumbai fatataf (FF) result?

Result timing of the Mumbai fatafat result is here:

  • 1st Baazi-09:10 am
  • 2nd Baazi-10:10 am
  • 3rd Baazi-11:10 am
  • 4th Baazi-12:10 am
  • 5th Baazi-01:10 pm
  • 6th Baazi-02:10 pm
  • 7th Baazi-03:10 pm
  • 8th Baazi-04:10 pm
  • 9th Baazi-05:10 pm
  • 10th Baazi-06:10 pm
  • 11th Baazi-07:10 pm
  • 12th Baazi-08:10 pm